Supermodel Cindy Joseph Aged 60

Like most people, imagine a supermodel Cindy Joseph is a man with a young age, has the ideal body and beautiful face. However, quoted from Dailymail, Cindy also had stunned when offered a job as a model by one scout.

He was stunned because it did not think it's got an offer at the age of 50 years entered. "I was approached by a casting agent in New York," said Cindy told ABC's Nextracks.

Cindy was first contracted to Ford Models. Soon he was 'discovered' renowned fashion photographer Stephen Meisel. One mother of two children's first job is to become a model for Dolce & Gabbana, campaigns for Ann Taylor, and Aveda.

Now, at the age of 60 years, Cindy's career in the modeling world more brilliant. He represents leading brands, such as Olay and Target. Former makeup artist is revealed, the main secret of his success was his face that look of age and adults.

He admitted that his age has more benefits in the modeling industry than just a unique appearance. It has given him more confidence.

"This is not about wanting to be young again. We are the people who enjoy themselves. We enjoy our lives and we want to see other peers in the advertising," he said.

Besides Ford, DNA Model Management has also enjoyed success thanks to the 46-year-old model, Kristen McMenamy. Christian subscribed to the fashion house Calvin Klein and Chanel.

Meanwhile Cindy itself is currently expanding her career in the business world. He owns a cosmetic business.

"Would not it be amazing to make a series of cosmetic pro-age rather than anti-age," he said.

Cindy also explained that women look special when her skin looks alive and well. According to Cindy, the use of thick foundation to cover wrinkles can not fool anyone. As an experienced makeup artist, he learned that the dress would be better thin.

He also made sure to choose a natural color to make it look younger. "I never (use eyeshadow) is darker than skin color, but use the same color or lighter," says Cindy.
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